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2 easy

Three minutes.
Ease away back pain.
Therapeutic product created to easy back strain and pain.
Developed by Maree Gifkins with over 26 years of helping people with all sorts of structural issues.
Maree has found this product to be effective, easy, releasing and calm on the back.

Please read Instructions or watch the 10 min Video with Maree



Use a yoga mat or a blanket on the floor, another option if you have access is a Massage table. A bed is too soft unless you are in Grade A group.
Lye down on your back with support for your head. Extend legs out flat and observe how your hips / spine feels, maybe how tight things are. Observe how comfortable you are (this will change). 


Bend knees up and place feet flat on the floor.


Lift hips up and place 2easy™ at base of your spine, lower your hips down on top of it. Knees are still bent. Set timer to 1 minute and allow your two knees to move together to one side and then the other side. Repeat until 1 min is up. This is done slowly eg one thousand and one, one thousand and two you are now at one side. Count one thousand and one, one thousand and two and you are on the other side. Your knees DO NOT go past your outer hip edge, see photo. Doing this would put too much strain on the fine muscles and you will not receive the great benefits of why you purchased 2 easy™.


One minute is up, lift your hips and remove 2 easy and lower your legs and relax for one minute, put the timer on again. Now observe how your hips are feeling, if they feel lower to the table/floor if you can feel some tension still or tightness in your back.

Legal Disclaimer
Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
Come Be Well does not diagnose, cure, or treat disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend
you to consult with your health care practitioner if you are unwell.

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